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History of Sancerre

In the Vercingetorix era, the town then named Gordonia, was a port on the Loire river. Some vestiges vouch for this position.

After several floods the town withdrew on higher areas, the site of Saint-Satur where a religious community settled. The Abbey organised the economic life, developing cereal production and especially vine growing, in particular a pretty white wine that we still know.

La Chanceliere was built in the 16th century, then it expanded in the 18th in order to be a residence for the intendent of the abbey. He only occupied one floor out the five of this property. Two floors were used for wine preparation and storage and two others for cereal storage.

After the French revolution, in 1789, La Chanceliere became a private residence. A few famous people occupied it such as the baron Oberkamph who created the well known “Jouy linen” and the physicist Emile Hilaire Amagat distinguished for his work on high pressure gas.